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About Heinz

His peers consider him as a seasoned creative international consultant who has broken down a number of technical barriers to achieving EMS and other voluntary market certifications by SME's.

His work influences the current international debate on the accessibility of market-based standards for small and micro-businesses worldwide, at EU and ISO TC 207 level. His significant contribution to the simplification of ISO Standards and the subsequent working methodologies on internal control and management systems are today the accessible and affordable option in the international marketplace.



Creative Capacity building

German born environmental consultant Heinz Werner Engel is a dynamic facilitator with extensive coaching experience at European and international level and is based in Brussels and Tunis and affiliated in Adelaide. By education Facilitator in social pedagogy and adult learning, home economy, environmental counseling and auditing he has been active in the environmental field for more than 40 years as environmental consultant and service provider. He was among the initiator's inceptors of the postgraduate Environmental Studies Institute's in France and Belgium in 1985 as he brought the idea from Hamburg to Belgium, that resulted in 500 Masters, in Eco-counseling and new jobs by today.

Jargon free management tools - Keep it simple

His core expertise is simplification of systems and blended learning in the context of voluntary environmental approaches in different sectors and cluster implementations

He has developed a number of tools such as Eco-mapping and 'EMASeasy or ISOeasy,' which are the global reference for environmental management in small business and have been distributed in over 55 countries and downloaded or distributed over 100000 times. His writings are translated into more than 30 languages. His guidance for SME's in EU EMAS toolkit online had 2 Million of readers and users.

Credible and connected

Due to his extensive network and experience in social and environmental standard setting, audits, codes and regulations and their application, he has developed high-level training and coaching processes. This includes as well E-learning, Adult blended learning and online coaching. The target groups are development agencies, cleaner production centers, public administrations, Trade unions and sector specific small industry or service business associations.

His environmental capacity-building work has included seminar facilitation, program management and pilot programs for:

Multicultural and international

  • APO Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and similar organizations in Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, SRI Lanka and Thailand
  • GIZ in Algeria, Tunisia and Bangladesh on EMS and social standards
  • EU DG environment: Environmental compliance programs in 27 EU countries
  • CDE Mozambique, Trinidad and Jamaica for national consultants in 10 ACP countries
  • EPA-Adelaide in South Australia on cluster approaches and sector applications
  • ULB- Bruxelles Modules in the MBA program in Vietnam , plus EPFL Lausanne, Adelaide University
  • WFTO Integrated Fair Trade standards : Canada ,India , Sri Lanka , Thailand, Egypt, Vietnam et USA
  • Europe Aid PEE Tunisia, ACP….
Future oriented

This in addition to public policy drafting, evaluation of EU and government programs and as well practical hands on environmental work in small business.

HWE is using his unique experience in currently investing in the simplification of energy standards and the use of mobile devices as empowering tools for Microbusiness in emerging economies. Currently he collaborates with GIZ to integrate Ecomapping as climate change learning tool in Indonesian high schools.

Heinz Werner Engel has served a number of Organizations worldwide